Display your content in an appealing way.
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You can play the videos on any device with YouOnVideo player in HTML5. Easily organize your content in an intuitive, centralized platform.

Video SEO

Increase traffic to your website and get results through Google. YouOnVideo creates your video sitemaps optimizing research and video SEO.

YouTube Synchronization

Embed the video on your website with YouOnVideo and take advantage of YouTube to reach more audience. With YouOnVideo's built-in timing you do not need to re-upload and create all the metadata. Select the videos you want to sync.


Your video and player will play within Facebook and Twitter fully customized to your brand. The choice is yours. YouOnVideo gives you the freedom to set whether you want your videos to be played within social networks or on your website.

VAST 3.0

Increase the ROI of your content through video advertising.
YouOnVideo allows monetization of videos by adding ads compatible with VAST 3.0.

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