Provide help-guides with simplicity and ease.
Help your customers and do it without any integration difficulty.

Easily organize your content in an intuitive and centralized platform. Customize the integration of your videos and player with call-to-action to personalized support.

HTTPS integration Codes

SSL will probably have a security certificate associated with your application. Your videos will also require the integration of code via HTTPS.

Integration Codes

Choose from more than 56 possible combinations to integrate video to your software and help customers better understand how the application works at the right time. Surprise your customers.


Get to know everything that is happening with the support application through YouOnVideo's advanced statistics and measure the functionalities with which customers have more difficulty. Gain access and know the behavior and impact of functionality among current customers via video.

HTML Events

Increase interaction with your application. Through HTML events, which can be integrated into YouOnVideo player, you can create helps that will surprise you and facilitate the learning process of your solution.

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