Online classes are increasingly being used by schools, institutes and companies through tutorials, webinars and online courses. Increase the number of subscriptions

YouOnVideo enables the development of integrated e-learning portals with gateway models of payment like PayPal. Increase the number of subscribers. Your students can watch video lessons from any device.


Protect your videos. You will most certainly only want your subscribers to have access to your content. YouOnVideo offers several security options and strategies.


Restrict video to a country or several geographical areas. When attempting to access outside the determined areas, video content will be blocked.

Domain control

Ensure that the video can only be viewed on your websites. If anyone tries to copy the integration code to a different website, they won't be able to watch the video.

Encrypted streaming

Prevent unwanted content downloads with YouOnVideo's encrypted distribution method.

HTTPS integration codes

If you own a subscription system, you will likely have an associated SSL security certificate with the login and payment system. Your videos will also require the integration of code via HTTPS.

HTML Events

YouOnVideo's player enables the integration of questions directly into the video through HTML events. Optimize the learning process and evaluation of your content.

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