Live broadcast to any device. Simple organization and customization of content library.

You can easily move from an on-demand video to a live one with a single click. The public can watch your content at any time and from any device thanks to HTML5.


The live streaming can be included in on-demand playlists, shared and integrated into different websites.


Restrict video to a country or several geographical areas. When attempting to access outside the determined areas, video content will be blocked.

VAST 3.0

Increase the ROI of your content through advertising on video.
YouOnVideo allows you to monetize videos by adding VAST 3.0 compatible ads.

Continuous Broadcast

YouOnVideo allows you to create your continuous broadcast directly in the platform. Add videos on-demand to the playlist and you just have to choose what time you want to start broadcasting. Your viewers will watch the show during their channel access time.

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