There are several ways to start using YouOnVideo and take advantage of online video.YouOnVideo facilitates the management of video and its distribution. Through our solution you can integrate and build multiple projects in a fast and easy way, without having to worry about platform compatibility and overloading your website or server.



YouOnVideo offers an API with a wide range of methods, enabling the construction and integration with various types of projects (webTV, video portals, video e-learning...) in an easy way.

Where to apply?

Existing projects
You don't need to reprogram your project. Your team of developers can easily integrate video through our API.

New designs
Already have programmers on your team? No need to change flows or current suppliers. The existing team will be able to build and take advantage of all features with our API.


In our video gallery you can check some of our provided video templates for a quick activation of your project with no additional cost and without the need for IT staff.

Custom Project

Our team can build a customized project for you, enhancing investment and adapting it to your business model.

Where to apply?

Projects with specific needs and / or custom design to the business / brand.

Video e-learning platforms
Media portals

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